G Eazy Tour 2016 With Nef, Ferg and Marc

Are you ready for the upcoming album When It’s Dark Out? This is the second professionally done studio album that will be supported by the G Eazy tour 2016. This rapper is going to be going out on the road along with several other rap stars like Nef The Pharaoh, Marc E Bassy, and A$AP Ferg. This is quite the lineup of today’s rap stars. You’ll be able to see them all throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Getting tickets now would be a good idea, it’s well ahead of the time when the actual shows will happen so you can get the best prices by getting in early. Just take a look down below and you’ll see that we have a ton of the dates and tickets to go along with them.

The first official show will be happening on January 6 in Portland Oregon, after that they are going on a whirlwind tour of the USA. They will be hopping from place to place over the course of the following five weeks from that initial starting date. They will be performing shows in cities such as Dallas, St. Louis, Boston, Phoenix, Denver, and New Orleans. There are several cities like Honolulu, New York City, and Philadelphia that are in for a real special treat because all of the guys are going to be playing back-to-back shows in each of these cities. Just think of all the fun that you and your friends can have watching these rap stars to their thing on stage for two nights in a row!

It’s probably a good idea to go ahead and get a ticket for each night just so you make sure that you don’t miss on any songs performed live from any of these amazing rap stars. Once they get done playing all these American dates they will then be going over to Australia. This is going to happen in March. So far they have for Australian cities on their lineup. Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. During these Australian shows you are going to get all of the guest musicians on the card. You’re only going to have the main man G Eazy himself holding down the show. That’s more than enough for any true rap fan though.

The other guys like Nef and Ferg are going to hang back in the states for the time being. It’s at this point that they are all going to take a well needed break for a few months. They are going to be relaxing for too long though, because in May they are going to be going to Europe to play some live shows over there. All throughout May you can see them perform in cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, Z├╝rich, and Paris. They’ll finally end up for their final European show in the amazing city of London. A world-renowned the city like that is an excellent location in which to finish up any European music tour. The fans down there are real connoisseurs of music as well. So you get an appreciation and understanding that you might not get in other locations.

The main man on the G Eazy tour 2016 will be putting out his brand-new album called when it’s dark out on December 4. It comes on the heels of his first studio album which was called these things happen which was just released back in 2014 in June. His newest album has just gone up for preorder and you can already purchased now. If you want to go to his concert pre-ordering his album is a good idea as sometimes artists will give out special deals on tickets to people who support them by pre-ordering their CDs.

More dates are expected to become available as time goes on, so if your city doesn’t have tickets yet just keep your eye out and eventually those seats will go on sale. Tickets just recently started selling, so if you get in now you still have an opportunity to get a hold of excellent prices.